Turning College Failure into Success

College Savings Going Down the Drain?

Tired of nagging your college student throughout the semester and then having your worst fears realized when grades come out?  Have that pit-in-your-stomach feel when you read the academic probation letter?  Staying awake at night worried about what happens to all those years of careful college savings if your student drops out, or worse, flunks out?

You’re not alone.

25% of college students won’t return to school after their freshman year.  Even scarier, 46% of college students today will not graduate in six years, according to The National Center for Higher Education Management Systems.  Not exactly the picture most of us are planning as we set aside funds each month for the college savings account.

As parents, we worry about the money invested in a student’s education, sure.  But even more worrisome is the picture we’re forced to consider if our student is struggling (and failing) to meet the academic and social challenges at college.  While colleges and universities are making strides in increasing retention rates and offering support for special needs students, the honest truth is that, for most at-risk students, the efforts just aren’t enough to make a difference in their success toward graduation.

If your student fails after four or six years of struggling at college, what will his/her future look like?

At The Being Well Center, we’ve helped guide students from an uncertain future to a self-assured, confident success.  We’ve seen a pronounced increase in college students seeking personalized success plans for navigating the challenges of higher education.  These are students who want to picture a cap and gown in their future.  These are parents who want to protect their financial and familial investments.  These are families who are admitting they can’t face one more battle over getting to class on time or turning in term papers or failing tests or making poor decisions to party away the week.

81% of students enrolled in the Being Well Center’s Confidence@College program are on track to graduate; many in four years rather than six, which has now become the norm.  The confidence boost in these student’s lives has been marked.  The relaxed smiles on parents during consultation sessions say it all: college success can be achievable for ADD and ADHD students, as well as, those with learning, language or emotional differences.

But many times, success needs a partner.  A partner that can teach self-advocacy skills and be there to catch your student when a stumble happens.  A partner to be by your side as you cheer from the stands on graduation day.  The Being Well Center has designed Confidence@College to be that good roommate in your student’s college life.

Confidence@College takes an intense look at your student’s challenges and desired goals.  Students enrolled in the BWC’s Confidence@College program undergo an extensive evaluation of their temperament, readiness skills, attentional abilities, executive functions, neuromaturational status, and attitudes, along with a survey of stresses present in their environment.  Participants then work closely with the BWC’s team to determine a multi-modal success plan that will promote the individual’s strengths and support their weaknesses.   Once students leave for college, a close connection to our staff is maintained through the BWC’s GuideUÔ technology services.

Be part of the 81% of students who are succeeding at college.  Be confident that college success is an investment that will have great returns in your student’s life.  Sleep well at night knowing that your student will be making Dean’s List tomorrow.

Contact the Being Well Center for more information on the Confidence@College program.  Now enrolling students for the 2012 Summer Semester College Prep Course.