Do you recognize Lisa?

Do you recognize these people?

PayAttention! Do You Recognize Justin?Justin, age 6

Justin makes the cut off for the entry into first grade by five months. However, by the time the November parent-teacher conference rolls around, the teacher is convinced that Justin is immature and not really prepared to meet the challenges of the first grade classroom. He is having a hard time staying in his seat, remembering to raise his hand, and waiting his turn at the drinking fountain. The teacher is sure that Justin just needs a little more time to mature and that repeating first grade is the answer.

PayAttention | Do You Recognize Karen?Karen, age 29

Karen is single with a degree in business. While she has never actually been fired, she has left several jobs on less than good terms. Despite her general competency, her chronic lateness, inefficient task completion, and forgetfulness drive everyone crazy. Her routine perpetuates itself. She struggles to get up and going every morning. Without several cups of coffee, she can’t seem to function. After her late arrival to work, she becomes most productive in the late afternoon as everyone else is winding down. She often stays late at work to complete tasks not finished during the regular workday.

When she gets home, she is zapped; she crashes in front of the television until she gets her second wind at 10:00 pm. She tackles one or two chores around the house and checks her email. One thing leads to another. At 3:00 am, she looks at her clock and is shocked to see that she has been lost online for four hours once again.

These are my patients.

You may have recognized your son or daughter, niece or nephew, grandson or granddaughter. Maybe one of them is a child in your childcare center, a student you teach, or just a kid in your neighborhood. It could be that one of them is your brother, your sister, your mom or dad, or your husband or wife.

It’s quite possible that one of them is you!

The ages, sex, personalities and life circumstances are different but they have one thing in common—they all have Attention Deficit Disorder.

Last week on Our America on the Oprah Winfrey Network, Lisa Ling revealed how she, at age 40, finally got answers to her lifelong nagging question: Could I have ADD too? As she shares on the program, the answer was Yes!

Recognizing that ADD/ADHD is the problem is the first step to an exciting future.

Millions of Americans suspect they may have ADD. Is it time for you to follow Justin, Karen, and Lisa and finally get answers?  As I told Lisa, it’s exciting to think where things could go!

Patients of all shapes, ages, and sizes come to The Being Well Center and Dr. Craig Liden for diagnoses and treatment plans they can trust. Can we help you too? Visit The Being Well Center for more information about Dr. Liden’s services.

Our current blog series is excerpted from Dr. Liden’s best-selling book, Pay Attention!: Answers to Common Questions About the Diagnosis and Treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder.


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