Pay Attention!  5 Things You Need to Know (but don’t) About ADD/ADHD

Dr. Craig Liden | The Being Well Center

Based on my observations and studies treating ADD for the past 30 years, it’s fair to say that ADD touches upward of 20% of our population.  More than ever, we need to understand this often misunderstood, misaligned disorder.

People who are treating their ADD are living and thriving.  Let’s make the path to accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plans clear for all.

5 Things Everyone Should Know About ADD/ADHD:

1.    Attention Deficit Disorder is very common in adults. It is suspected that 1 in 25 adults has ADD.  However, only half have been properly diagnosed and less than a quarter are being properly treated.

2.    Untreated adult ADD can result in many chronic issues: obesity, chronic bowel problems, addiction disorders, depression/anxiety, and college failure, not to mention failed relationships, accidents, or poor job performance.  Properly diagnosing and treating ADD could have a huge impact on our society and health care system.

3.    Proper treatment of ADD with medication and counseling always starts with a comprehensive, diagnostic evaluation that includes objective testing, feedback from various members of the patient’s life, and a look at the whole person.

4.    Risks associated with correct medication use are minimal compared to the risks of untreated ADD.  Medication is often necessary but never sufficient and should always be paired with supportive counseling.  Stimulant medications used to treat ADD are generally very safe and are not addictive.

5.    The preferred name for ADD/ADHD is ADD since “Hyperactivity” is only one of many symptoms of ADD patients and shows up in less than 10% of those diagnosed.

Dr. Craig Liden is the Founder and Medical Director of The Being Well Center, an ADD/ADHD diagnostic and treatment center in Pittsburgh, PA that has helped more than 10,000 people worldwide living with ADD.

TRANShealth Inc. is sponsoring a free download of Dr. Liden’s book, ADD/ADHD Basics 101, in which Dr. Liden gives 10 steps to securing a diagnosis and treatment plan you can trust. 



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6 thoughts on “Pay Attention!  5 Things You Need to Know (but don’t) About ADD/ADHD

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  2. I recently wrote a book on our life of misery and mayhem covering several decades of living
    with my ADD/ADHD husband and son…starting years before adults were even thought to be afflicted. It’s a memoir that takes you behind the scenes of what REALLY transpired daily in our ADD household…some of which is rather shocking. It is those who LIVE WITH the afflicted that truly suffer the most! ( Many with ADD/ADHD are in denial.)

    I was always researching for answers, while struggling to hold my family together. There was little help from medical professionals. In 2001 my husband tried medications–worked for a few years, then simply stopped being effective. I felt so desperate. After a dangerous misdiagnosis, and years of untold difficulties (employment social, financial), I emerged as an expert on HOW this inherited disorder affects real people in real life, way beyond any textbook description. This non-clinical memoir explains how to recognize and cope with a multitude of symptoms—and then finally how I DEFEATED this neurobiological disorder, and healed my husband.

    It was in 2011 that I stumbled upon an amazing discovery – so profound that it changed everything! It’s a little known ancient mental exercise, involving quantum physics. Not a drug (no side effects), takes less than a minute to do daily, cost nothing—and works soo well for my husband.(I now teach folks locally how to do this in just one short session). At last we enjoy peace and harmony in our home…a unexpected and uplifting ending for a family almost destroyed by this greatly misunderstood condition.
    Title-MY HUSBAND HAS ADD and the Miraculous Discovery that Changed Our Life Linda Rosenbaum (links to Amazon reviews, ,etc..)

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