The Major Goals to Reach in ADD Treatment

What are the primary goals in working with the ADD individual?


image via Flickr, Steve Betts

image via Flickr, Steve Betts

Since ADD is the result of a built-in biological difference, it cannot be cured.

However, life can be made better for the individual with ADD.

While it is unrealistic to think that we can eliminate all the manifestations of the problem, it is possible to help the ADD individual be successful in life despite his attention weaknesses. His success requires that he develop improved self-awareness, better control of his impulsivity, inattention, and behavior, and become a more responsible life problem-solver.

When this occurs, the individual with ADD not only experiences an improved quality of life, but he minimizes the likelihood of his experiencing, in the future, the various social, emotional, and health dysfunctions for which he is at risk.

What are the main goals in working with the parents of a child with ADD?

One of the primary goals in working with parents is to help them accept ADD in their child.

This is a major challenge–accepting that their child is not perfect is a struggle for all parents!

For the parents of a child with ADD, the struggle is magnified by the fact that the child looks so normal on the outside and, on occasion, he can pull it all together. Lack of parental acceptance is the most frequent barrier to successful treatment.

Other critical treatment goals include:

  • helping parents to set appropriate expectations
  • to state the limits for behavior clearly
  • to appropriately structure the environment
  • to give feedback
  • to provide effective consequences for inappropriate behavior
  • and to reinforce self-awareness and self-control.

Finally, parents need help to find the middle ground between being harsh disciplinarians and being overprotective.

In setting goals for working with parents, it is important that professionals recognize parents’ desperate need for support–their children are tough to live with hour after hour, day after day.

Looking for clear answers and dependable support for ADD?  Dr. Liden’s best-selling book, Pay Attention, offers clarity and inspiration based on his 30 years experience diagnosing and treating more than 10,000 individuals living with ADD/ADHD.  Reader Margi S. comments, “I have read many books on ADD. Your book discussed many issues with quite a sensitive, matter of fact, confident presentation. I feel that teachers and parents would see the ADD child through different eyes if they read your perspective.”


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