Succeed in the Workplace in Spite of ADD

Are there jobs that are particularly good for the ADD adult?

image via Flickr, Nana B Agyei

image via Flickr, Nana B Agyei

It may seem that the presence of certain ADD traits make the ADD adult better suited for some jobs than others. However, we can find successful ADD adults in almost all jobs and all kinds of work.

Each person with ADD has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses that work together in a complex way to create ‘fits’ in world of work.

It is simplistic to think that an individual’s attentional characteristics, in isolation, should influence his career choice over the careful consideration of all parts of who he is.

What can an adult with ADD do in the workplace when ADD is interfering with job performance?

ADD can interfere with job performance in countless ways. Productivity problems, poor performance reviews, or probationary status may be indications that attention weaknesses are negatively impacting in the workplace.

When this occurs, the adult with ADD may invoke the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Under this law, employers may be required to make accommodations that allow the person with a disability to be successful on the job.

In my experience, calling upon the ADA should be done cautiously and only when employment is at risk. When, upon considering the risks involved in sharing personal medical information with an employer, the adult with ADD chooses to invoke the ADA, he may begin by discussing with his employer, his disability, its impact upon job performance, and his request for accommodations.

When the request for accommodations are “reasonable” and will not cause the employer “undue hardship” or alter the job basic requirements, the employer is required to make those or similar accommodations.

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