How To Pay for ADD Treatment

image via Flickr, Bill Brooks

image via Flickr, Bill Brooks

What can be done when finances interfere with pursuing proper treatment for ADD?

In many states across the United States, children diagnosed with ADD are eligible for financial assistance for medical care through the medical assistance program.

While the criteria vary from state to state, eligibility, generally, is not dependent upon family income. Certain adults with ADD may be eligible for medical assistance as well; frequently, however, employment and income criteria apply.

Medical assistance is accessed through local Department of Public Welfare or Social Security Offices.

Children and adults whose functioning is severely compromised by ADD and whose incomes (or parents’ income) fall below establish guidelines may also be eligible for Supplemental Social Security Income (SSI), financial assistance available through the Social Security Office.

In my experience, a family’s success in pursuing these kinds of aid requires lots of paperwork, patience, focus, and persistence.

The costs of treating a chronic condition like Attention Deficit Disorder can be high, but the costs of the consequences of NOT treating it are even higher!  Take a look at the cost comparison between treated and untreated ADD/ADHD.  It will give you a needed boost of energy to tackle the insurance companies or government program red tape today!


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