The Being Well Center

4156 Kenneth Drive | Pittsburgh, PA 15044 | 724.443.4120


The Being Well Center equips individuals and families with the tools, resources, and knowledge to thrive with ADD in a practical, confident way.

  • We specialize in the treatment of ADD/ADHD, but we also have extensive experience applying our approach to other chronic medical problems  and mental health disorders, as well as, a variety of developmental, learning, and language disorders.
  • We consult with schools, universities, clinics, hospitals, and primary care practitioners to implement components of our program into their services.
  • We provide lectures, presentations, and workshops to lay and professional audiences.
  • We write and publish books, handouts, and pamphlets for patients, parents, and professionals.  All of our published materials have first been utilized and refined in our clinical practice to ensure their usability.

The Being Well Center is widely recognized as the leading experts in the diagnosis and treatment of ADD and related disorders.

Here are the secrets to our success:  We take time to be thorough and listen to the patient, who we view as part of our team.  We provide ongoing follow-up and adapt our treatment plans for the evolving phases of our patients’ lives because we know that problems change over time and require ongoing support and anticipatory guidance in order for our patients to function at their best.

Many patients visit us in person at our clinic located in Pittsburgh, PA.  However, we also utilize technology to meet “face to face” with clients who live thousands of miles away.  Regardless of where you happen to be in geography and life, The Being Well Center can meet you where you are.

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