The BWC Team


The Being Well Center staff with Dr. Craig LidenWe maintain a strong, experienced group of professionals in our program headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA.  Our team includes representatives from medical, nursing, nutrition, counseling, psychology, education, and speech/language disciplines.

Every member of the team has been selected because of they have significant experience within  their own discipline, have demonstrated a willingness to embrace the Being Well philosophy, and have strong communication skills.  Each member of the team has participated in our Being Well Training Program and has undergone specialized training to help them develop a core set of assessment and treatment skills.

Team members share their expertise with other members of the team (role release) and acquire skills from the other members of the team (role exchange).  This allows each member of the team to move beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries and to function as a “transdisciplinary case coordinator” for a group of patients.  As a result, our patients get the benefit of a multidisciplinary team’s expertise without having to directly see each member of the team.  When needed, the refined skills of another team member can be accessed through a consultation visit.  This makes our services highly cost effective and efficient.

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