The Being Well Program

The Being Well Program

ADD is not an illness.  Rather, we like to think of it as the result of an inborn individual difference.  Some of us come into the world with blue eyes and some with brown.  Some have a tendency to be tall and some to be short.  Likewise, some people come into the world with good attention and some don’t.

ADD/ADHD affects our life in almost every imaginable way–it touches our confidence, our relationships, our performance, our health, and our future.  So how can we effectively treat ADD with a quick trip to the doctor’s office?

We treat the common cold with medication.  Treating ADD, and its impacts on our life, is far more complex.

That’s why The Being Well Center has established a 5-step program to equip  individuals and families with the tools, resources, and knowledge to thrive with ADD in a practical, confident way.

If you have the sniffles, go see your doctor.  If you want a lifestyle strategy for living with ADD, come to The Being Well Center.

Here’s how we’ll determine a unique, individualized plan for your situation:

The Being Well Program

1.  Discovery Session – Listening and Understanding

A thorough question-and-answer session, patients are given the chance to ask questions, express their concern, and tell their story.

2.  Assessment Session – Examining and Clarifying

A one-hour examination that assesses both physical and neurobehavioral health.

3.  The Being Well Plan – A Whole-Person Lifestyle Roadmap

A plan that defines the objectives and strategies for treatment and medication options, as well as a roadmap to overcome setbacks and get the most out of treatment.

4.  Continuous Support – Measuring Progress and Setting Goals

Regular follow-up visits to implement the plan, make adjustments, answer questions, review next steps, and celebrate victories.

5.  Independence – Preparing for the Long-Term

Cultivating and achieving a sense of confidence, self-dependence, success, and productivity for the future.

Contact The Being Well Center to get started at step one on your road to confidence, self-dependence, success, and productivity.


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