The Being Well Center

The Being Well Center equips individuals and families with the tools, resources, and knowledge to thrive with ADHD in a practical, confident way.  Through on-site and long-distance support with a transdisciplinary team of experts, we develop multimodal plans and never use medication as the sole answer.  

ADD/ADHD affects our life in almost every imaginable way – it touches our confidence, our relationships, our performance, our health, and our future.

At The Being Well Center, individuals with ADD/ADHD, mental health disorders, language disorders, and weight management issues meet with unparalleled success through all stages of life.

Over the past 30 years, more than 10,000 ADD and ADHD patients have benefitted from The Being Well Center’s tailored approach to individual success.  The Center is located in Pittsburgh, PA and treats patients on a nationwide and worldwide basis through its Pittsburgh Center, Long Distance Program, Confidence@College, and TRANSformingU.

More information can be found at The Being Well Center or by calling 724.443.4120.

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