ADD at College

c@c_whole_you_blog_temperamentOne of The Being Well Center’s most popular blog series has focused on ADD at College.  Maybe it’s because 25% of college students won’t return to school after their freshman year.  Even scarier, 46% of college students today will not graduate in six years, according to The National Center for Higher Education Management Systems.  Not exactly the picture most of us are planning as we set aside funds each month for the college savings account.

We work with many college students with ADD at The Being Well Center.  Our success rate blows the national average out of the water: 81% of our college students are on track to graduate within four years.  Want to know the secrets to our successful Confidence@College program?  Check out our ADD at College blog series.  Or, look into our Confidence@College program for college students at The Being Well Center.


ADD at College

1.  Turning College Failure into Success

2. The Whole You: Identifying Barriers to Success at College

3. READINESS: The College Student with Weak Written Language Skills

4. ATTENTION-The sleepy, under-aroused college student

5. NEUROMATURATION – ADHD and the Secrets of the “Freshman 15″

6. STRESSES – The Challenge of Taking Medication at College

7. ATTITUDES: Tips for “Having some skin in the game”

8. COMPARISONS: Self-Esteem in the College Student – It’s an inside job!

9. TEMPERAMENT: Helicopter Parenting at College


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