How To Be A Good Consumer of ADD Resources

We are often asked for suggestions about the best books, websites and other information sources about ADD. Though there is a great deal of information on the web and in book stores, it can be challenging to find reliable information that is truly applicable to most patients with ADD. As you begin to explore the information available, it is important for you to be a good information shopper.

When evaluating information, there are several things you should take into consideration:

How reputable is the source of information?

When evaluating books, read the information provided on the jacket or in the introduction. How much experience does the author have specifically with ADD? Is the author affiliated with a university, hospital or research facility or does the author actually conduct a clinical practice? Has the author written other books? Check to see which, if any, professionals and researchers in the field have reviewed the book.

Is the author promoting a particular product or program?

If so, the information may be biased. The best information can be obtained from books or websites not selling a particular program or product.

Is the book or website promoting a comprehensive approach to care for ADD?

All of the current research on ADD points to the importance of a comprehensive approach including medication management, behavior management, counseling and educational intervention. Look for books or websites that promote this type of approach.

Is the book or author promising a “miracle” cure?

Put simply – there is no miracle cure! Managing ADD takes hard work over an extended period of time and a comprehensive treatment plan.

Recommended Books and Websites

There are several “classic” books that provide a good, basic understanding of ADD:

Pay Attention! by Craig B. Liden, MD

Driven to Distraction by Hallowell and Ratey

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder by Russel Barkley

You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy by Kelly and Ramundo

Accommodations for Success by Craig B. Liden, MD

Although there is a great deal of information about ADD on the Internet, only a few sites are recommended:

Our web site:



Additude Magazine –

Attention Deficit Disorder Network –

Being Well Center Resources

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