Pick the best college for an ADD student

Are there particular colleges that are best for the ADD student?

While some colleges specialize in programming for students with learning disabilities and ADD, it is my experience that these schools are appropriate for some students with ADD but may not be best pick for others.

Similarly, some assume that a small private college is better for the ADD student than a large university.

Again, I have found that a small college may be ideal for some ADD students but a mistake for others.

image via Flickr, COD Newsroom

image via Flickr, COD Newsroom

My advice to families as they begin to identify the appropriate college choices for their child with ADD is to survey all that a school has to offer considering the fields of study, course availability, typical class size, campus size, student housing options, social climate, student diversity, distance from home, cost, availability of financial aid, and quality of support services.

Each individual with ADD is different. Each has a unique profile of strengths and weaknesses, temperamental traits, learning abilities, styles, and experiences, ability to function independently, and career interests.

In selecting the right college for the ADD student, we must carefully consider how our child’s unique characteristics match up with unique features of the school.

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