Dr. Craig Liden

Craig B. Liden, MD is an internationally recognized expert in the diagnosis and treatment of ADD/ADHD.  He is a board certified physician who graduated with honors from the University of Michigan and the Ohio State University College of Medicine.

He completed his pediatric training and a postdoctoral fellowship at the Harvard University Medical School/Children’s Hospital Medical Center.  Dr. Liden has served on the faculty at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine where he started the Child Development Unit and spent years researching ADD/ADHD, training pediatric and psychiatry residents and other post doctoral students, and establishing a fellowship program in developmental and behavioral pediatrics.

Since the 1980’s, Dr. Liden has been in private practice evaluating and treating behavior and developmental issues across the life span.   He has treated more than 10,000 patients with ADD/ADHD and related co-morbidities.

Dr. Liden  has written and lectured extensively about ADD/ADHD, education, individual differences and a variety of health problems.  He was invited to present a lecture entitled “TRANSACT:  Toward a Standard of Care for ADD” at the first international conference on ADD in Jerusalem, Israel.  Dr. Liden’s book, Pay Attention!  Answers to common questions about the diagnosis and treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder has been acclaimed a must have resource for parents of children with ADD/ADHD, adults with ADD/ADHD, and medical, educational, and counseling professionals.   He has also published a number of guides to living successfully with ADD/ADHD through TRANShealth, Inc., available at ADDBasics.org.

Dr. Liden is the Founder and Medical Director of The Being Well Center located in Pittsburgh, PA.  He is available for speaking engagements, workshops, and interviews.

13 thoughts on “Dr. Craig Liden

  1. Dr. Liden: I would be most appreciative if you would provide the name and phone number of a doctor who practices in New York City, N.Y. for an ADD evaluation of a member of my family. Thank you

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